What Is Addiction?

Our Approach

There are various rehabilitation centers in Dehradun that use different approaches to interventions. It is necessary you pick the best addiction treatment program that is effective for your loved one. Naveen Kiran has an expert team of interventionists that can help you choose the right process. According to our experience, the Johnson Model is highly suitable to the Indian Social Environment.

The Johnson Model: This model was developed in the 60s by an American Priest, Vernon Johnson. In this intervention, the family and friends of an addict confront him about his behaviour, supported and guided by our intervention team to help improve the recovery process. However, consequences are spelled out should the addict choose to not seek treatment. These consequences may include no longer providing the addict with housing or money.

Addiction vs. Dependency – Essential Distinctions

We often use the terms dependence and addiction interchangeably, but these two are entirely different things. The phrase “Substance Abuse” is discussed simultaneously to provide more clarity.

Substance abuse defines an action – different from physical, psychological, or medical condition. It is observed that many people have abused a substance once in their lifetime and did not develop any addiction or dependence.

For instance, moderate drinking means two drinks per day for men and one drink for women. However, if a woman exceeds four drinks and a man exceeds five drinks, it is considered as heavy drinking. This condition is known as substance abuse. It also applies to an individual’s use of illegal drugs or misuse of prescribed medicines.

In contrary, alcohol or drug dependency is more severe than substance abuse and shouldn’t be confused with addiction. Moreover, dependency is simply a symptom of addiction, but doesn’t include the entire spectrum of what addiction really is.

Simple Way to Define Addiction is the Presence of 4 C’s:

  • Craving
  • Losing Control over Amount or Frequency of Use
  • Compulsion to Use
  • Ignoring Consequences

How do we Intervene to the still Suffering Addicts?

Naveen Kiran Rehab has the right sources and potential that help addicts to see through things they have been ignoring. We show them how their addiction or alcohol dependency has impacted the people around them.

At our rehab center in Dehradun, we have an experienced intervention team that carries out the program. We also have third party counsellors and interventionists to mitigate any defensive response from the participants.

Key Features:

  • Our addiction intervention services aim to help the family of an addict convince their loved one of the damage their addictive behaviour is causing
  • We emphasize that outside help is necessary to address the addiction.
  • Most addicts cling to the belief that they will be able to overcome their addiction on their own, when they decide the time is right. Sadly, this is an unrealistic expectation.
  • He often makes and breaks promises to get clean or stop, and continues to spiral into low self-esteem, depression, and further abuse.
  • In order to save a loved one’s life, an intervention is often necessary.