Knowing that hundred of problem have attained sobriety in Naveen Kiran you sure would like to help the Alcoholic or an Addict in your life. You may explain to the alcoholic or an addict to enroll himself as a patient in Naveen Kiran; some times, this kind approach works. However, the fact is most active Alcoholic or an Addict are neither eager nor ready to turn to Naveen Kiran simply because a loved one suggest it. Most often Alcoholic or an Addict compulsion to drink often creates stubborn resistance against any kind of help to admit being an Alcoholic or an Addict simply implies committing oneself to doing something about the problem and and no Alcoholic or an Addict is ready for immediate action. An Alcoholic or an Addict confused state of mind accompanied by his need to drink may appear like matter of life or death.

Our donors can contribute on line in any of the following accounts of Naveen Kiran Trust :-

Account in Nainital Bank

Entity Name : Naveen Kiran Trust
Bank Name : Nainital Bank
Bank A/c : Rajpur Road
Bank A/c Number : 0571000000000154