Intervention Strategies

Addiction Intervention

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that affects everyone surrounding an addict – his family, friends, and loved ones, for instance. In the addiction intervention process, a drug or alcohol abuser is intervened and confronted to convince him of the damage and destruction he’s been causing within the family.

The whole point of the program is to convince an addict to get into the treatment. However, in most of the cases, friends’ or family’s advice is just not enough. That’s where our de addiction center Dehradun steps in. We have a team of experienced interventionists trained to aid a patient suffering from drug/alcohol abuse disorder. Remember, to save the life of an addict, an intervention is essential.

An Interventionist’s Help can really make a Life & Death Difference

Using a drug or intaking alcohol is one of the primary concerns of every addict, and their secondary concern is how to get intoxicated next. Similarly, behavioural addictions, including eating disorders or hoarding, take limelight in an addict’s life. These behavioural changes dominate everything else that holds great value in the addict’s life, which is why seeking an interventionist’s help is utterly important before things get worse.

An interventionist’s help can really cut any ice and make difference between life and death. If your loved one or someone you know need assistance, contact our rehab center today. We have an extensive network of expert interventionists in Dehradun from all over the world, and can connect you with one who can help you out.

Drug Intervention Specialist Dehradun

An addiction interventionist is someone who supports families and their loved ones suffering from drug or alcohol abuse problems. During this critical time, an addict undergoes defensive and denial phases leading to destructive behaviours.

Naveen Kiran Rehab executes a powerful and well-structured intervention process to get an addict to truly confront their disease of addiction and take life-changing decisions. Our primary objective is to obstruct the negative cycle of drug addiction as soon as possible or before the addict “hits bottom.” Our experts make sure that they are well-prepared and educated before staging an intervention to avoid any opposite effect.

The Drug Intervention Job Includes –

  • Analyse the addict’s history of addiction
  • Prepare a detailed report on the provided information
  • Design strategies for a result-driven event

Our intervention team often involves family and friends. If you are not sure about the team members, have a word with our addiction interventionist. We usually advice involving people who are close to an addict – family members, romantic partner, spouse, or even co-workers – are apt choices. We don’t recommend engaging children in the program until they are old enough to understand it or willing to participate. Besides, people who have issues of their own or those who have negative influence on the addict’s life are also not included.

Family Intervention

An addict’s family members are the first ones to contact an interventionist to execute the intervention program as soon as they notice behavioural changes. They are well aware of the destructive nature and damage an addiction has on their loved one’s life. We normally carry out family interventions at the family home to make sure an addict feels comfortable throughout the event. Depending on family’s convenience, these interventions can also take place at an unused office, church, or rehabilitation center.

There are several intervention models – the most commonly used one is where team members read letters loud that they have written to an addict, describing how the addict’s behaviour has affected them. Our interventionists can help you write letters beforehand and revise them based on the feedback from other team members.

Workplace Intervention

Workplace intervention involves an addictive behaviour of an employee observed by a co-worker or boss. It is often seen that addicts find it difficult to maintain their jobs. They may procrastinate or show up late at work due to their addiction problems.

When co-workers can no longer resist their colleague’s drug/alcohol problem, they may opt to stage an intervention. At Naveen Kiran, we have skilled interventionists to conduct workplace intervention. These events have entirely different dynamics than family intervention programs. Workplace intervention usually includes only those people who are closer to addicts, mere acquaintances can be harmful.

Since interventions take a substantial amount of time to complete, we hold them in a place where privacy is available. Conducting them in a conference room for the whole day also do the trick.

In the USA, workstation generally utilize the Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) strategy to identify alcoholism, followed by intervention techniques. This method comprises development of a workplace management plan and includes guidelines on how to carry out an intervention. All workplace interventions should include efforts to educate the addict about the dangers related to their behaviour, and provide easy steps they can apply to remain in recovery after the intervention.

Need someone to understand your problem? Contact us Today! Our experts can help you find an interventionist in Dehradun specialized in workplace interventions. We are available 24/7.