Psychological And Psychiatric Care

Effective Psychological and Psychiatric Care Providers

Overcoming addiction is an increasingly complex challenge especially if you also struggle with co-occurring psychological or psychiatric conditions—something we see in many of our patients. With full-time psychiatrists and clinical psychologists on our panel, Naveen Kiran is equipped to assess, diagnose, stabilize, and treat the factors that affect your mental health.

Naveen Kiran Psychological and Psychiatric Care includes:

  • An integrated treatment model of care – includes a multi-disciplinary team approach for the treatment of your mental health needs
  • Specialized therapies – individual and small group counselling to treat co-occurring disorders including trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, stress and chronic pain
  • Evaluation and monitoring – comprehensive assessments to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders

For more information on our recovery program or psychological treatment, feel free at our de addiction center Dehradun. We are available 24/7.