Our Role

Our Role

Naveen Kiran is working towards gifting Recovery to those suffering from the bane of addiction. We break this cycle through counselling and rehabilitation. We provide them AA’s 12-Step spiritual therapy to end their obsession towards substance abuse.

Patients are always our priority!

At Naveen Kiran Rehabilitation Center Dehradun, we are passionate about every patient’s care and take this job very seriously. We feel honoured and proud in offering our efficient rehab services to addicts and their families. Our team is dedicated to providing the utmost level of love and care, and never take any patient’s health for granted.

We strive to build a rejuvenating and nurturing environment for all our patients, meeting their medical and emotional needs, as well as, social needs. This comprehensive and all-inclusive approach helps patients recover more successfully, allowing them to return to their loved ones and live a normal life.

We lead them from despair to hope by means of awareness, intervention, interaction, motivational counselling, and input therapy treatment programme.