A Twelve Step Program

The choice is yours

If you are in the grip of a compulsive drinking or drug addiction problem and it has become a matter of worry, then take some time and read on. Kindly note, that once you have made a reasoned decision you will be most welcome to join the many in-house patients already seeking treatment with us. Many patients, after completion of the five- month therapy are leading normal, sober and productive lives.

The “carpet out” concept at Naveen Kiran

This is a unique innovative concept evolved by “N.K.” During the five-month intensive therapy based on AA’s 12-Step programme conducted under the direct supervision of our expert counsellors, we relieve the patient from their regular floor activities and give them gradual exposure to the outside world. This principle is adopted in the sixth month for those patients who are interested in further strengthening their sobreity. The patients can practice what they have learned and become confident about leading a clean and sober life before stepping out to face life’s many challenges, including staying away from the first drink/drug.

At “N.K.” we learned that the twelve steps lead to progress from uncontrolled drinking to sobriety. We realised that a key factor in this progress was humility coupled with reliance upon a higher power we term as “God” we could conceive this power in our own terms. Since alcohol had always ruled our lives during our drinking days, it made sense to turn elsewhere for help. In “N.K.” our concept of a greater power has matured over time. However no body forced it upon us. We were also guided by our counselors on many a slogans like “First thing first” reminding us that we can not do every thing at once that we have to remember that sobreity plays a important role in re-building our lives. Naveen Kiran is basically a way of life. We do not all interpret or live the N.K. program in exactly the same way. However we can all testify that N.K. has worked for us when many other ventures into sobriety have failed. Many members share that they simply accepted the N.K. program “on faith” and they keep trying to pass on this faith to other suffering alcoholics to put them on the road to recovery.