Top-Rated Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center Dehradun

Physiotherapy is a therapy program provided by Naveen Kiran to help recovering addicts return to their physical well-being, promote healthy lifestyle, and improve overall health. It develops, maintains, and rejuvenates maximum bodily movements throughout your life. Factors like ageing, substance dependency, injury, mental disorder, etc. can dramatically hinder your movement and function. That’s why, we provide top-level and well-designed physiotherapy sessions designed for every kind of patient.

Physiotherapy deals in identifying and optimizing quality of life and movement capabilities within the spheres of prevention, treatment, promotion, intervention, and rehabilitation. Our therapy consists of all aspects of a patient’s well-being, including physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. Our expert therapists interact with every patient and their families in a process where movement ability is assessed and goals are agreed upon, utilizing knowledge and skills distinctive to our professional therapists.

A Special Care is Provided to Addicts/Recovering Addicts

Patient who are disabled as a result of their addiction, in-house rehabilitation facilities are intended to optimize different types of body movements and well-being of people. This indeed helps any patient get back to their normal routine or any leisure interests.

Our rehabilitation process is critically aimed at the alterations in functional disability and all types of lifestyle restrictions, which is essentially dependent on the particular patient’s own goals for the functional improvement.

Questions about alcoholism or substance abuse in a physiotherapy assessment can divulge crucial aspects about how the patient handles pain and add to understanding of other psycho-social considerations. Evidence that many alcohol-related neurological conditions are often reversible suggests that physiotherapists should be optimistic in their expectations about successful alcohol and drug treatment outcomes and should convey this optimism to their patients.