What Is Addiction?

At Naveen Kiran Rehab, we believe that just like diabetes or asthma, addiction is also a chronic medical disease that causes dramatic changes in the behaviour and personality of a person. Addictions have many forms determined by several factors, such as genetics, environment, childhood traumas, brain functionality, depression, and more.

Addiction is not an overnight problem. It inclines gradually overtime with continual substance use. The family members often do not recognize the change in behaviour or emotional damage of an addict until the condition gets out of control.

To Know your Situation, Try this Easy Addiction Test

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to these four questions, you may have a disease of addiction. Check out if you can fit yourself in these situations.”

  • Did you ever get annoyed or frustrated when people talked about your use?
  • Did you ever feel bad or guilty about your use?
  • Did you ever feel that your drug/alcohol use is drastically affecting your relations?
  • Did you ever use drugs/alcohol to ease withdrawal symptoms?

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Recovering Addicts Share

Utkarsh RaturiUtkarsh Raturi
For me Recovery means living life on life’s terms. It also means fulfilling your responsibilities both as an individual and as a family member.What does the term sobriety mean to you? How long have you been sober?
Madan JadliMadan Jadli
To me recovery means leading a sober life. It meansleading a life free from addiction. It also means there should be no clashes within the family, no confrontations within my immediate environment.
Recovery means responsibility. We are not bad people but addiction has made us the worst people.Due to my using, I did not understand my responsibilities.